Real Estate Closings in Windsor, Ontario

At LNZ Legal Firm LLP, we help you close on your purchase, sale or refinance at the most competitive prices in the industry. Your file will be handled by highly responsible and diligent professionals. 

When buying or selling a property, we help you close the deal.

Email us your Agreement of Purchase and sale to get started. 


Our Fee: $800 + HST
Disbursements and Land Transfer Tax are in addition to our fees
When you purchase a property, our primary role is to ensure you have good title to the property, free of encumbrances and liens (except when required or necessary). Our second role is to ensure you pay the sellers the correct amount of money, the sum of which typically flows through our trust account having been paid to us by you and a mortgagee.


Our Fee: $650 + HST
Disbursements are in addition to our fees

The main job of the seller's lawyer is to prepare the transfer/deed, the statement of adjustments and to see that the vendor receives the correct amount of money on closing. Closing means the date on which all title documents are registered, and the vendors get their sale money, and the purchasers get the keys to the property.

Mortgage only

Our Fee: $500 + HST
Disbursements are in addition to our fees

Most people need to borrow money to finance the purchase of real property, and sometimes people who already own a property may need to refinance, to pay off either an existing mortgage or other debts. W

How It Works

We guide you through every step of the process of closing on your real estate transaction. 


Email us your Agreement of Purchase and Sale and respond to our initial intake email. Get us in contact with your mortgage provider, if there is one.

Sign Documents

Arrange an appointment with us during which you sign documents and show us your identification. If purchasing a property, you transfer funds into our trust account, which we hold in trust for you to transfer to the seller. Alternatively, if you are selling, we will transfer funds to you.

Take Keys / Funds

Finally, we hand you your keys, if you're purchasing a property, or we transfer you the funds paid for the sale of your property!

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